MCB Bank sponsored Hushe 5 member team

F.P. Report

LAHORE: An MCB Bank sponsored team of 5 porters from the Hushe region, an under developed and poverty stricken area in Gilgit Baltistan (GB), successfully ascended the K2 Summit during a challenging first attempt, demonstrating their mountaineering acumen and ability. The 5 member team braved harsh weather and adverse climbing conditions to achieve the remarkable feat in just 20 days.
Enabled by MCB Bank, the successful Hushe expedition was led by Mr. Muhammad Taqi along with climbing members Mr. Ali Durani, Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad, Mr. Yousaf Ali and Mr. Muhammad Hassan. The Exhibition demonstrated prowess in ascending K2, commonly known as “The Savage Mountain”, which is notorious for unpredictable weather, avalanches and for the challenging logistics of the main trek to its summit.
The successful exhibition will greatly enhance the visibility of local porters and mountaineering talent. It will also facilitate tourism and enable economic empowerment for the impoverished communities of Gilgit Baltistan by encouraging foreign mountaineers to hire local porters as guides, instead of Nepalese Sherpas, for future expeditions to high altitude peaks in Pakistan.
MCB Bank’s initiative to support the Hushe team is in line with the Bank’s corporate social responsibility to support local talent, uplift marginalized communities and promote a softer image of Pakistan. The Bank wholeheartedly congratulates the entire Hushe team on their landmark achievement and is confident they’ll inspire future generations to take up mountaineering as a serious endeavor.
The Hushe mountaineering Expedition was made possible through the collaborative supportive efforts of MCB Bank and Jahandad Society of Community Development (JSCD), a credible non-governmental organization, in coordination with local experienced mountaineers and high altitude porters of the Hushey village, Tehsil Khaplu, District Ganche.
MCB Bank, a Bank for Life, strongly believes in its corporate social responsibility and has undertaken numerous other CSR initiatives in the areas of education, health, environment, sports and social awareness in the past.
The Bank has made significant contributions to the welfare of charitable institutes and NGOs, including Edhi Foundation, SKMCH, Saleem Memorial Trust Hospital and Pink Ribbon amongst others.