New banknotes: Residents call for speedy distribution

KABUL (TOLOnews): Residents of Kabul said that although newly printed banknotes have been delivered in the market, worn-out banknotes are still being used in daily transactions. Residents asked the Afghanistan Central Bank to speed up the collection of worn-out banknotes from the market.

“Although an afghani is worn-out, it is still being used. We are in trouble. When we give change to the customers, they say that the money is worn-out,” said Mohammad Shafi, a Bucher. “There are a lot of worn-out banknotes in the market. People are in trouble, it will be good if they are collected quickly and are replaced with new banknotes, people will be in a lot of trouble,” said Shreen Agha, a vendor.

However, officials of the Islamic Emirate said that the process of injecting newly printed banknotes into circulation is ongoing through public and private banks. “You know that there were a lot of worn-out banknotes in Afghanistan that could not be used. New banknotes will be delivered to the market.

Attention has also been paid to avoid monetary inflation and not to have more money than necessary. Also, the value of the afghani should be maintained. This action has been taken very carefully,” said Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman of the Islamic Emirate. “The injection of new banknotes in the market is carried out based on the special procedures of the Central Bank. Currently, the process of replacing the worn-out banknotes is going on in all private banks and all the branches of the Central Bank of Afghanistan,” said Haseebullah Noori, a spokesman for Da Afghanistan Bank.

According to some economists, the collection of worn-out banknotes and the injection of new ones is an important need, but they emphasized the need for transparency in the implementation of this process. “In general, printing new banknotes is a good thing to eliminate worn-out banknotes, but the control and supervision of this process must be extraordinary.

If we do not establish extraordinary control and supervision, there is concern that the value of the afghani banknote will decrease,” said Sayed Masoud, an economist. Experts emphasized that the Central Bank of Afghanistan should inject new banknotes in the market based on the amount of worn-out banknotes collected.