New Delhi’s aegis of terrorism

Interior Minister Sarfraz Ahmed Bugti has recently announced that the Indian intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), was involved in the recent terror attacks in Balochistan. According to Bugti, those playing the role of a facilitator and perpetrators, all are being handled by the RAW and they must be ready to meet their dreadful end. Bugti vowed to pursue terrorists to their dens whether it is Daesh or TTP, BLA or BLF or anyone else committing violence under any banner and in any guise.

Pakistan has been a victim of foreign-sponsored violence and terrorism over the past decades, as the terrorists who enjoy safe havens and backing abroad weighed the bloodshed of innocent Pakistanis over the two decades that have been acknowledged worldwide and attracted remorse and condemnation from across the globe. The current revealation of New Delhi’s involvement in exporting violence in neighbouring countries is not a new phenomenon as Pakistan and Pakistanis are well versed with the draconian face of India’s Secularism, Chanakya’s fascism and BJP Hindu ultra-nationalism, which has reduced space for religious minorities during the Modi’s regime in Bharat. India has waged an undeclared secret war against its neighbours in pursuit of its quest for a mini power in South Asia whose influence rules from the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan in the west to the Andaman Islands in the Far East.

Realistically, Pakistan had been the primary target of the Indian leadership for exporting terrorism and sponsoring Baloch and Sindhi separatist elements to implement the so-called nefarious theory of Maha-Bharat, because Islamabad had been the toughest hurdle in the implementation of New Delhi’s agenda for regional supremacy in the South Adia. The government of Pakistan has time and again sensitized the world about India’s involvement in terrorism in its country. Ranging from the arrest and conviction of Indian Naval officer, Commander Kulbhushan Jadhav by Pakistani security forces in Balochistan in March 2016 to eye-opening revelations of Brussels-based EU Disinfo Lab about New Delhi-sponsored network of online propaganda news outlets, fake think tanks that weighed a propaganda campaign against Islamabad. The Pakistan Foreign Office has specifically briefed the UN Secuirty Council and diplomats of important nations along with providing dossiers to them containing irrefutable evidence of Indian state sponsorship of terrorism against Pakistan on Nov 05, 2020. Islamabad repeated this practice multiple times after that but the so-called civilized world did not move an inch until the same charges were levelled by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Treadu against New Delhi when an Indian Diplomat blatantly abused his official stature and masterminded the killing of a Canadian Sikh leader in a busy street in British Columbia.

Interestingly, the information of the alleged Indian conspiracy for the assassination of a Sikh leader and proof of Involvement of Indian Diplomat was initially shared by the US Intelligence Community with their Canadian Counterpart and currently entire Western bloc has recognized New Delhi’s anti-minorities and anti-neighbour agenda, however, Western leaders are unlikely to raise their voice against India neither they will support the freedom movements of Sikhs and Kashmiri Muslims which not only well aligned with UN charter but categorically acknowledged by the global forum in the past.

In fact, sponsorship of terrorism in neighbouring nations and the use of suppressive techniques/ atrocities as a state policy to suppress lawful political movements and the UN’s conferred right to self-determination of people of Jammu and Kashmir is undoubtedly, an undemocratic and condemnable attitude of Indian leaders that must be resisted by the civilized nations in the world. As of now, this fire of hate and hegemonism has reached Western capitals, If Western leaders do not come to sense now they will feel regret for their policies throughout the future.