OCHA, WFP express concerns over crisis in Afghanistan

KABUL (Tolonews): The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) in Afghanistan and the World Food Program (WFP) expressed concerns over the deteriorating economic crises in Afghanistan.
In a tweet, OCHA in Afghanistan said that 25 million people in Afghanistan are facing poverty.
“19M people are facing food insecurity, 25M people are living in poverty, 5.8M people are in protracted internal displacement, thousands of houses damaged by floods and earthquake.
To survive the winter, they require food, nutrition support, warm clothing & a roof over their heads,” tweeted OCHA.
In the meantime, the World Food Program has voiced concerns about the economic crisis in Afghanistan.
“The economic crisis wiped out jobs, salaries & livelihoods across Afghanistan, helping families & communities support themselves is more important than ever,” said WFP on Twitter.
“A nation cannot reach prosperity until the poverty and unemployment are eradicated, so the way that can end poverty and unemployment is strengthening the private sector, attracting investment and creating employment in the country,” said Abdul Naseer, political analyst.
Right now there are many people who are facing poverty and living in bad conditions in Afghanistan.
Mohammad Amin was teaching in a literacy center. He has turned to shoemaking for a living and criticized the process of distributing humanitarian aid. “Nobody has assisted me, they repeatedly asked for my ID card and photo to assist, and I gave it, but I never received aid,” said Mohammad Amin, a teacher.
Some people who are street workers have criticized the lack of working opportunities and say that humanitarian aid is not distributed transparently.
“Changes have happened, unemployment is rising, we cannot afford shelter, paying the daily expenses and electricity bills,” said Nazir, a worker.