Online Tailoring service a profitable businesses during lockdown

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Demand for online deliveries, especially food, garments and tailoring services has soared since the start of the stay-at-home government order owing prevailing corona virus in the country including federal capital. Majority of the customers are likely to prefer buying and sticking the stuff online instead of visiting the shops physically to avoid interaction with people.

According to citizens views, the old trend of wearing tailer made gents and children’s shalwar kameez on eid has gained momentum during lockdown where we are offering online delivery services to our customers on their door steps with adopting proper guidelines of government.

E-commerce platforms are allowed us to continue  our tailoring business on the arrival of Eid , talking to APP a tailor shahid Kareem commented.

“We are making sure that our employees and delivery agents are strictly following protective measures recommended by government ,” he added.

During the national lockdown people will be restricted to their homes and will rely on these delivery services to meet their needs, said Ayesha shafiq. Another tailor saajid Norman said that their delivery service  will continue till Eid during the lockdown period but deliveries may take longer than an hour given the high order volumes which impacts delivery speed.

Online tailors said, “We have had unprecedented demand due to closed shops but we are working working round the clock to deliver customer orders, safely at their door steps.

A online tailoring platform claimed that our online service has been popular with female customers and we will continue to serve our people and We are working really hard to provide orders as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A famous Darzi Online which is the one-stop E-tailor shop for both men and women and offering quick delivery to our door steps, said Mishal Ali a young girl while admiring her tailoring service.

Gone are the days when you had to put up with the hassle of wait for hours in queues, brief your tailor and get your items delivered after ages and coronavirus lockdown give them an opportunity to get more online order to meet the demands of public, she added.

Online tailoring culture is booming all over the world including Pakistan, said Zeeshan Ahmad a citizen, adding,  more and more entrepreneurs are rising on the top and providing the masses with effective solutions.

Just as you can order food online, book a cab within minutes, you can get your lovely clothes stitched and tailored within no time, said a tailor.

A woman while taking online orders from her regular customers also commented that this lockdown restrictions are giving me and other female tailors an opportunity to earn handsome amount and suggested young girls to stay at home and learn stitching techniques for their future.