Pak-Turkey agree to strengthen inter-parliamentary relations through enhanced cooperation

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and Turkey on Tuesday agreed to strengthen inter-Parliamentary relations through enhanced cooperation. The agreement reached during a meeting between Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mr Mustafa Sentop and Speaker Asad Qaiser on side-lines of the
Parliamentary Assemlby of ECO countries (PAECO) conference here.
While talking to his Turkish counterpart, Speaker Asad Qaiser termed the visit of Mr Mustafa Sentop and his delegation a step forward in furtherance of the pursuit of friendship and cooperation between two brotherly countries.
The speaker said religious cultural and historic affinities have bound both the countries in eternal bonds.
He was confident that PAECO conference would help explore avenue for furthering the collaboration and connectivity between all the states in the region.
Speaker Turiskh Grand National Assembly Mr Mustafa Sentop expressed his gratitude to the speaker Asad Qaiser for the arousing welcome accorded to him and his delegation at federal capital.
He said that he always felt like at home whenever visited Pakistan. He also mentioned that exploring possibilities of mutual cooperation amongst the regional states was imperative for progress and prosperity.
He said that issues of Kashmir, Palestine and Cyprus were close to Turkey and would always extend its diplomatic and moral support for their peaceful resolution.
Later, a protocol on Inter-parliamentary co-operation was signed between the National Assembly of Pakistan and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.
The National Assembly of Pakistan and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey agreed in principle to exchange information and views on matters related to the bilateral relations as well as on regional and international matters.
It was further agreed that both parliaments would also support and encourage reciprocal visits and contacts between delegations composed of the members of the parliaments and also urge enhanced contacts between standing committees of both parliaments.
Strengthening Inter-parliamentary Friendship Groups of Pakistan and Turkey has also been made part of the protocol. This protocol shall come into effect on the date of its signature and remain in force for an indefinite period of time unless terminated by either parliament.