Pakistan becomes 13th worst inflation-hit country

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Trading Economics released the list of most expensive countries, Pakistan fell at 13th position leaving Sri-Lanka behind in the ratings of worst inflation hit countries.

According to the list of countries with most food price inflation, Pakistan ranks 13th in the world, whereas Sri Lanka, which defaulted on her debts recently, was ranked 18th.

According to the Trading Economics website, Lebanon has been declared the most expensive country in the world with 352% inflation, while China, with 0.4% inflation, is the cheapest country in the world in terms of food price inflation.

In the list of most expensive countries, Venezuela ranks second with 158% inflation, Zimbabwe ranks third with 108% inflation, while Iran ranks fourth with 71.5% inflation. Similarly, Türkiye is ranked eighth with 53.92% inflation.

After the increase in inflation, Pakistan is ranked 13th with 48% inflation, while Pakistan’s neighbouring country India is ranked 152nd with 3.84% inflation, and Bangladesh is ranked 111th with 9.09% inflation.