Pakistan voiced Palestinians plight effectively at all international forums: Farrukh

F.P. Report

Rawalpindi: Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting, Farrukh Habib Friday said Pakistan under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan is effectively voiced the plight of Palestinians people at all the international forums.

“Not only the Prime Minister Imran Khan raised his voice against the brutal killing of over 250 innocent people in Palestine but also the Foreign Minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi took a leading role and pleaded the case of Palestinians at the United Nation General Assembly meeting”, the state minister said while addressing at Palestine Solidarity Day celebrations at Eidgah Sharif.

“This is a matter of pride for us that our foreign minister along with other Muslim countries representatives highlighted Palestine issue at United Nation General Assembly effectively which developed a global pressure and changed western media perspective that was mostly depicting double standards and biased approach earlier in portraying the situation in Palestine,” the minister said.

Condemning the Israel’s unprecedented atrocities against innocent Palestinian people, he said whosoever committed an unjust killing has killed the humanity and no Muslim can remain silent on such brutalities.

Farrukh Habib said that the Prime Minister raised his voice against the attack on Palestine when he was present at the Holy Shrine of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) in Madina. All such efforts have reflected that the government of Pakistan has immense strength to become voice of the whole Muslim Ummah against such atrocities under the leadership of Prime Minister.

It also gives a lesson that the entire Muslim Ummah must unite and raise its voice in unison wherever Muslims face aggression as there can be no powerful and effective voice than this, he said.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has not only raised his voice against Israel’s aggression but is ready to take practical steps whether it is Kashmir issue, Islamophobia, Tahafuz-i-Namoos-i-Risalat, through the platforms of United Nation, Organization of Islamic Countries, and writing letters to western countries, proving himself as a true lover of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

“We have to be united and continue our struggle to stop wherever there is a violence, barbarism and illegal occupation”, he said. Condemning the brutal killing of over 250 Palestinians, the state minister said that the issue of Palestine should be permanently resolved in accordance with the United Nations resolutions.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman Islamic Ideological Council, Dr. Qibla Ayaz thanked Allah Almighty for ceasefire in Palestine and said, “The dominant nation agrees to ceasefire when there is pressure in international politics and political and diplomatic commitment is shown”.

Religious Scholar, Sahibzada Hassan Haseeb-ur-Rehman termed the announcement of Solidarity Day with Palestinians by the Pakistan’s government as a good move.
He said Islam declares unjust killing of a human being as killing of humanity and remaining silent on oppression is tantamount to supporting oppression.
He said violent scenes in Jerusalem were extremely concerning. “The issue of Palestine is not a regional but a global issue and United Nation is the best platform to resolve this issue”, he added.

He said Al-Aqsa Mosque is the holiest, the first Qiblah for us and the right to use force illegally in the holy region will not be allowed.
Sajjada Nashen Pir Naqib-ur-Rehman, at the end of the ceremony, offered special prayers for national and international security, stability and survival.