Pentagon official rebuff to comment on India’s aim to get “30 drones”

F.P Report

WASHINGTON D.C: On Wednesday, Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby briefed media over the significant global and local policies mainly the challenges of PRC to United States.

While commenting on the challenge or People’s Republic of China and its nuclear triad, Kirby remarked that U.S clearly believe that the PRC is pursuing a nuclear triad capability, increasing their delivery options, and they’re working to improve the survivability of its forces. 

He also stressed that; U.S also believes that they may seek to develop nuclear strength commensurate with a great power.  Left unchecked, the Department believes the PRC’s nuclear arsenal could grow commensurately with its regional ambitions, he added.

Pentagon Press Secretary Kirby also mentioned that, It’s a domestic threat that we’re talking about, which means that the information and the intelligence comes from domestic law enforcement agencies.

He also shed light over the National Guards presences on the Capitol Hill saying that while certainly there to address a requirement that is based on law enforcement’s concerns, is also there to help bolster and support the Capitol Police and their capabilities, which may not be at the level where it needs to be, given the fact that we’re in sort of a new environment in this country, he remarked.

Regarding the budget process for the Indo-Pacific region and US plans, Kirby commented that development will be nested into the budget process, informed by the budget process, to fund key investments that will maintain a credible deterrent in the Indo-Pacific and reassure our allies and partners as well as reducing operational risk.

Pentagon Press Secretary also underlined that Secretary to put a lot of effort into making sure that U.S is postured properly in the Indo-Pacific and that U.S is properly respecting, utilizing and empowering our alliances and partnerships in that part of the world.

Furthermore he also commented on the F-35 air system and US preference, he said that the F-35 remains the premier air system of choice for three of the Armed Forces, seven international partners, six foreign military sales customers.  It routinely demonstrates high-end capabilities at the hands of our joint and international warfighters, and it’s performing in combat operations from land and from the sea, he added.

Importantly, Pentagon Press Secretary also rebuffed the reports regarding India plans to buy 30 armed drones from the U.S, upon this Kirby underlined saying this report should be answered by the Indian Ministry of Defense.

During the media briefing, Kirby also commented don U.S-Japan alliance, saying that the United States was proud to be able to help the Japanese people begin to recover from that devastation, and devastation is still being felt by many of them in those areas hard hit.

 It’s a testament to the strength of our alliance, Kirby added.

But more importantly I think it’s a testament to the strength of our friendship with the Japanese people and how much they mean to us.  And goodness knows nobody wants to be called in to have to do that again, or see that happen to anybody again.  But I hope that the Japanese people will always know that the United States military will be ready, able, and willing to assist should the need recur.

Other than this, Pentagon press Secretary also briefed on the Colin Kahl’s nomination, saying that we’re certainly mindful of the concerns that some members have expressed and we value the oversight, the advice and consent responsibility of the committee”.

He also added that the Secretary looks forward to continue to work with the committee, and to help address any of the concerns that they might have.  Kirby also affirmed that Dr. Kahl is eminently qualified to fill it.

The secretary fully supports his nomination and wants him installed as soon as possible, and again, we’re grateful that the committee scheduled the hearing and conducted it, he added.

Regarding the distribution of COVID-19 vaccine, Kirby commented that we’ve had a million and a half doses delivered to DOD and we’ve administered 1.3 million and almost a 90 percent rate of delivery so these vaccines are not waiting on shelves very long before we’re finding arms to put them in, he said.

Furthermore he also added that it’s important to remember that we’re still operating largely on the force through tier 1A and tier 1B, these are front frontline healthcare workers, deploying and deployed troops, the bulk of the workforce hasn’t even been given an, you know, an option to take the vaccine.

Commenting on the issue of General McKenzie an interview with Al Jazeera in which he’s quoted as saying “we did a number of things to help defend the Kingdom against this latest Houthi missile and drone attack, that we have helped them a lot over the past weeks.” 

Upon this, John F. Kirby remarked that General McKenzie for more detail about what he’s referring to there, and again, I’m loathe to get into operational details here too much from this podium and he added that we have security commitments with Saudi Arabia to help them defend their territory against attacks, which have as we’ve seen as recently as the weekend continue to happen. 

Pentagon Press Secretary remarked that, ‘We take those responsibilities seriously but as for the details; I’d point you back to General McKenzie’.