PHC rejects MD British petroleum plea

Humayun Khan
PESHAWAR: Peshawar High Court released its detailed judgment dismissing the petition of Dr. Ammer Jadoon who held himself out as having served as ‘d-Managing Director and General Manager Operations’ at British Petroleum, and had applied for post of CEO of KP Oil and Gas Company Limited (KPOGCL).
According to the judgment authored by Justice Attique Shah while the petitioner managed to have his name approved by the Cabinet of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the position of CEO KPOGCL, it was found during the course of background and reference check that that the petitioner never served as ‘Managing Director and General Manager Operations’ at British Petroleum, and was merely a ‘facilities engineer’ at British Petroleum.
Accordingly, the offer letter issued to him for the post of CEO KPOGCL was revoked, and the revocation which was under challenge was upheld by High Court.
Dr. Jadoon was represented by Nouman Muhib Kakakhel whereas the Advocate General Amir Javed represented the Government of KP and Barrister Asad-ul-Mulk represented KPOGCL.
The High Court had issued a restraining order preventing the filling of the post of CEO KPOGCL since February this year and the same was a source of concern for the KP government and KPOGCL.
In addition to dismissing the petition on merit the High Court also held that a constitutional petition was not maintainable even against public sector company in respect of employment or contractual matters. The High Court clarified that its precedent-judgment reported as 2021 PLC (CS) 711 on which the petitioner was relying has been set aside by the Supreme Court and thus it was the rule set in the Salahuddin case reported as PLD 1975 SC 244 which would be followed.