Planning Ministry to hold two-day “Pakistan Governance Forum- 2023” from Tuesday

ISLAMABAD (APP): The Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives is all set to organize a two-day forum from Tuesday to develop a roadmap for a stable, agile and transparent governance system in the country.

The event titled “Pakistan Governance Forum-2023” would assemble more than 300 participants including 60
distinguished speakers in a bid to foster a path toward a sustainable, vibrant and transparent governance mechanism.

The two-day event, being held under a landmark initiative of ‘Turnaround Pakistan’, is anticipated to serve as a pivotal platform for the exchange of ideas and the formulation of a comprehensive roadmap that will shape the future of governance in Pakistan.

Prominent figures from diverse sectors, political leaders, experts, and representatives from civil society will come together to deliberate on a wide range of crucial aspects of governance.

Among the key topics on the agenda for discussion are the trichotomy of power, civil-military relations, federal-provincial dynamics, civil service reforms, peace and security, gender equality, youth empowerment, innovation and economic development.

With a focus on stability, agility and transparency, the event promises to mark a new chapter in the nation’s journey towards progress and prosperity.