PM lauds humanitarian services of Pakistan’s rescue teams in Turkiye, Syria

F.P. Report
ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on Wednesday appreciated the humanitarian services of Pakistan’s search and rescue teams sent to support and assist the earthquake-affected brotherly people of Turkiye and Syria.
Addressing a ceremony to honour Pakistan’s search and rescue teams, the prime minister said they had gathered to praise them as they had worked tirelessly in Turkiye and Syria, and rendered commendable services. The 220 million people of Pakistan prayed for their success and appreciated the humanitarian services. He said, “With hard work, dedication, and professional manner, our teams performed the rescue work and saved dozens of people trapped under the rubble. With your benevolent and caring efforts, you have carved a place in the hearts of the people of Turkiye. They will remember your services forever.”
The prime minister recollected that during his visit to the quake-hit region of Turkiye, he met the teams working there. “On behalf of myself and on behalf of the government, I want to thank and appreciate you because you have strengthened the brotherly and fraternal ties with these two countries, and infused vigour and affection in these relations with your meritorious services,” he added.
The prime minister observed that the people of Turkiye were looking towards them not because they had a dearth of resources but due to the deep-seated humanitarian and religious bonds spanning over centuries. The relationship dated back to centuries and cemented further with the Khilafat Movement, he added.
The prime minister said the members of the rescue teams were the ‘heroes of the entire nation’. He opined that philanthropists, members of the NGOs (non-governmental organisations) and charity organizations, and the people of Pakistan had shown generosity for the quake-affected people of Turkiye and Syria with huge contributions.
The prime minister also commended the NDMA for its main role in the dispatch of relief assistance and goods, besides appreciating the contributions of Pakistan International Airlines and Pakistan Air Force. He mentioned that Pakistan had dispatched tons of relief assistance and the most needed items, including tents, blankets, food, etc. An order for manufacturing 50,000 winterized tents was also placed which would be sent soon.
He said the Federal Cabinet members, parliamentarians, and government officials had also committed their salaries for the relief fund. The prime minister also distributed certificates of appreciation among the members of the rescue teams. The federal ministers were also present on the occasion.
Earlier, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Chairman Lt Gen Inam Haider Malik lauded the efforts of the teams which worked in the adverse weather conditions and rescued precious lives. He said the people of Turkiye expressed their gratitude to the prime minister and the people of Pakistan for their generous assistance.