Police high handedness and aggrieved people

Through the lines of your esteemed news paper, i would like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the sorry state of affairs of the people at the hands of police. Despite the tall claims made (still making) by previous government of reforming police department, no improvement whatsoever is seen in our area particularly.

It has been observed with great concern that the local police have been sold in the hands of Khans of Tangi (Charsadda) who are claiming the farms of the poor people of tehsil Prang Ghar (a tehsil of tribal district Mohmand). After passing FATA merger bill, police are frequently raiding the area like wild animals and treating the people barbarously.

Many people have been jailed and many are out on bail while facing the costly judicial proceedings which they can’t afford.

The Khan are calaiming for paying Malia (water tax) on these farms but this is an unirrigated area and is out of the coverage of the canal flowing in the lower area of district Charsadda. My grandfather, almost in his one twenties, says that he has inherited thoes farms from his ancestors so how could ‘Firingies’ register thoes on the names of their agents while leaving Hindustan in 1947.

There are some police personnel in Tangi police station as well who are using police force for sustaining their personal tribal animosities. Many raids have been conducted on their behalf as well. Police are using Pak-Army on the name of terrorism while the matter is otherwise.

The police are harassing the locals by harsh searchings and misbehaving.While pointing their guns on the people, they asking them about their CNICs, their jobs and their incomes etc etc. There is no known chekpost and they have free hand in standing everywhere for annoying the virtuous people while doing salute to the criminals and smugglers from whom they are taking their monthly. On behalf of the people of the area, i request the concerned authorities for fair investigation of the matter because they have made an iron triangle (the police, the Khans and the nobels of the area) and if found guilty they all must be punish accordingly.The police must be prevented from doing such activities in the future.

Faheed Gul

Prang Ghar