President lauds private bank

F.P. Report
ISLAMABAD: While disposing of five separate representations of a private bank against the decisions of the Banking Mohtasib (BM), President Dr Arif Alvi has appreciated its policy of settling the grievances of its customers and implementing BM’s decisions, thus, saving the public’s time and expenditure, and avoiding undue litigation.
He further urged the private banks of the country to provide timely relief to victims of bank frauds, comply with the State Bank of Pakistan’s regulations, and save the time of public institutions and other forums of justice by avoiding unnecessary litigation, thus, saving their own time and resources.
The President in his five separate decisions appreciated Habib Bank Ltd (HBL) for settling the cases of disputed banking transactions through mutually agreed settlements and paying its customers their lost amounts under its positive pro-people banking policy.
The President in his decisions observed that as HBL had already paid the disputed amounts to its customers and the matters had been amicably resolved, therefore, the representations filed by HBL against the decisions of BM had become infructuous.
As per details, five different complainants had lost money from their bank accounts ranging from Rs 32,000 to Rs 150,000 as a result of fraud, unauthorized funds transfer, ATM fault, or online purchase of digital content.
The complainants had separately approached the banks for seeking a refund of their lost amounts, however, they did not receive any relief. Consequently, the complainants approached Banking Mohtasib for refunding their amounts, who directed HBL to credit the complainant’s accounts with the lost sums. HBL, then, filed representations with the President, however, during the hearings, the Bank’s Legal Counsel informed that mutually agreed settlements had been reached between the complainants and HBL. Keeping in view the facts of the case and resolution of cases as per HBL’s policy, the President disposed of the representations.