PTI lambasts Asad Umar for criticizing Imran’s policies

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf has castigated its former secretary general Asad Umar for his claim that he left the party position thanks to Chairman Imran Khan’s “confrontational” policies.

The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf has expressed its reaction to the interview given by its former secretary general Asad Umar whom it termed “confused” and full of “doubts”.

During an interview with a private TV channel yesterday, Umar claimed that he left his party position due to the “confrontational policies’ of the PTI chief.

Giving his reaction, the PTI central information secretary said that there is ‘doubt’ and ‘confusion’ in Asad Umar’s thoughts. Umar’s claim that he resigned from the party position because he did not agree with the strategy of the party chairman, seems to be in conflict with reality.

The PTI statement said that Umar admitted in his interview that the planning of the May 9 incidents had not been made in any of the PTI meetings. Now when the party is being targeted under a plan, he thought of resigning from the party. His personal, not party’s interest must be behind his resignation decision.

According to Umar, the PTI must not close its doors of negotiations with other political leaders.

Umar, as former PTI secretary general, is fully aware of numerous attempts made by the party to hold talks on national issues with various political parties, the statement added.

Umar himself used to say that whenever negotiations were held with these political leaders, they never talked about any issue other than the NRO. There is, and there was no other objective of these parties other than seeking an NRO to hide their corruption and theft.

The PTI said that perhaps Umar has forgotten that after getting power, these politicians have got NRO 2 and also subdued the NAB.

Confusion was also found in the thoughts of Umar with regard to giving final shape to the deal as was instructed by the Supreme Court. The talks remained inconclusive, not because of the PTI, but the PDM ran away for fear of defeat in elections. The PTI, on the other hand, showed extraordinary flexibility while staying within the limits of the Constitution.

The party showed flexibility agreeing to change the May 14 poll date as the government wanted to hold same-day elections across the country. The party agreed to support the constitutional amendment in order to make the talks successful.

The PTI advised Umar to give reasons for his weak decision and refrain from hiding the truth.

If Umar tendered his resignation citing his principle stance before the tough time on the party, then this could have carried some weight, but not now, the PTI statement concluded.