PTI oppsoing Gill’s remand to hide its guilt: Talal

Muhammad Asad
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) has challenged Imran Khan’s candidature from 9 constituencies in the upcoming elections in the country because he does not fulfill articles 62 and 63 after his lies and falsehood had been exposed in the prohibited foreign funding and Toshakhana cases. It was shared by the PML-N leader Talal Chaudhry while addressing a hurriedly organized news conference in Islamabad on Wednesday.
Talal claimed that his party has questioned the PTI Chief nomination in the forthcoming byelection and if the court did not disqualify him based on submitting misdeclarations with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) for consecutive five years that will certify that there is no a single law in the country for all subjects. That means, there are dual laws in Pakistan, one for the common man and the other for Ladlas and untouchables kile Imran Khan.Chaudhry Talal claimed that PTI leadership is making hoe and cry over the alleged issue of physical torture of Shehbaz Gill as a precautionary measure to deny his confession and disown his statement at a later stage on the plea of forced statement and use of third degree.
Chaudhry said that the coalition government has decided made public the entire record of Toshakhana, so the people can be aware of the true face of Imran khan who has eaten up the all valuable gifts given by the foreign dignitaries and even did not declare those assets in his annual tax return. To another question, he said that the ECP itself declared in its verdict on the PTI foreign funding case that Imran Khan has submitted false testimonies for five years and how a lier and false teller can be a Sadiq and Ameen in the context of Articles 62 and 63 which deals with the electoral candidature of a nominee.
Talal Chaudhry said that if Imran Khan is genuinely Sadiq and Ameen then why he is wandering from one court to another court. Imran should stay cool and defend his case in court instead of requesting a stay order, he added. While responding to a media query, Talal said that demanding a stay means restricting lawful proceedings and avoidance of justice which is similar to the killing of justice.
The PML-N leader said that the so-called wali of Riasaat-e-Madina had swallowed all precious gifts of Toshakhana, did not mention a single item in his annual tax return and used to lecture the public on Islamic values, social ethics, integrity and self-respect He urged the ECP to fulfill its legal and constitutional obligations in respect of the nomination papers and candidature of the PTI Chairman who openly confessed his felonies and does not fulfill the requirements of Articles 62 and 63. The PML-N leader was of the view that the PTI is making full efforts for the release of Shehbaz Gill because they fear that Shehbaz can reveal their secrets during the investigation which can expose their true face to the public and destroy PTI’s politics.