PTI supporting direct election of senate in the country: Imran

Wisal Yousafzai

PESHAWAR: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has criticized the Senate election process in the country and once again gives suggestion of direct election for Senate.

This he said on Thursday while talking to journalists at Chief Minister House Peshawar.

Imran Khan said that the indirect election process for Senate polls give the opportunity to the parliamentarians to sell their votes.

He said that on priority basis, if PTI come into power, direct elections of Senate and local body system to prevent the selling of vote would be introduced as in the United State and United Kingdom.

PTI chairman lashed on the federal government for increasing the price of petroleum products, adding that the government refused to collect tax money from the powerful and just targeting the poor people of the country.

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan also appreciated the latest offer by Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani to recognize Taliban as a party offer for negotiation. Imran said that it was a good step by the Afghan president towards peace in the war-torn country.

He further informed that when he suggested to hold talks with Taliban for peace everyone called him ‘Taliban Khan’ but now everyone realized that there was no other option but to hold dialogue with Taliban for peace in the region.

On the Billion Tree Sunami issue he said that some people were criticizing the project, adding that Chief Justice and International Organization appreciated the efforts of KP province for Initiating the Billion Tree Sunami Project.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan informed that in three years the KP government planted more than one billion trees as it was a record and no one province did such efforts in the country.

He added that Punjab Chief Minister and Sharif family is supporting Ahmad Cheema, adding that they were all involve in corruption and supported corrupt mafia.

On a question about Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf for supporting each other in Senate elections, Chief Minister Pervez Khattak denied the allegation.

On Right to Information (RTI) law amendment act 2013 Chief Minister said that the government wants to further improve and made more powerful this law as to become it an example for the whole world.

On the occasion Minister for Information Shah Farman, Minister for health Shahram Khan Tarkai, Minister for Education Atif Khan and other senior officials of the government were present.