Public Service of KP Rulers

The KP newly throned interim Chief Minister has issued stern instructions to provincial authorities to ensure efficient and transparent public service delivery to the masses. In the first go, the Chief Minister has ordered necessary steps on an urgent basis to install live cameras (Internet Protocol Cameras) at patwar kahanas, police stations, and offices of DCs, ACs, DPOs, DSPs and Tehsildars across the province further directing them the to complete installation of IP cameras at all aforementioned public service outlets/ offices by the end of this month.

The resolution of public issues and service delivery to the masses had been the top priority of the nation’s saviours throughout history. Great leaders had always cared more for the common man and always endeavoured to bring peace, comfort, and prosperity to the masses. The newly appointed judge turned administrator has carried forward his legacy of public service and rightly busted provincial administration for its incompetence and slackness in public work. Historically, Patwar Khanas, Police Stations, Courts, Hospitals, Union Councils, and offices of local administration had become hubs of corruption, where government servants demand huge money to deliver fundamental rights and common utilities to the public. Putwaris, Police, and Kutchery (Courts) are most notorious for corruption and exploitation of the common public and this important social evil has come to the notice of the Chief Minister shortly after souring in his office. Unfortunately, the former Judge failed to diagnose the existential snags of the judiciary during his three decades of service in that department, otherwise, he also enlists all courts and bar rooms for immediate installation of IP Cameras.

In fact, it is a human error that they cannot evaluate themselves like a barber who never takes his head shaved on his own. The TFP’s news hawk successfully pinpointed the lapse of the administrators that missed an important avenue. Hopefully, after sensation over these pages, the KP government will also include provincial Courts, bar rooms and local government offices in the newly initiated camera surveillance project, so all departments can be dealt with on equal footing and the standard for public service delivery could be raised to optimum level.