Punjab to hold trials of May 9 rioters in prison

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Punjab Home Department has decided to hold trials of all the miscreants involved in the May 9 riots in prison, on Saturday.

The Home Department will issue a notification in this regard after the approval of interim Punjab cabinet.

The Home Department has asked the police to make arrangements for holding trials of the accused in jail. All the judges hearing the May 9 tragedy cases will go to the jail and conduct the trial.

Meanwhile, more than a month has passed since the May 9 tragedy struck, but a series of confessions made by the miscreants who were affiliated with the PTI is continued.

According to them, the conspiracy of Jinnah House attack was hatched a day before the arrest of PTI Chairman Imran Khan at his residence in Zaman Park.

A PTI worker told the authorities that Yasmin Rashid and Ijaz Khan instructed the party workers present in Zaman Park to march towards the Jinnah House.

He revealed that PTI Chief Imran had called a meeting a day before his arrest and had prepared a complete plan instructing party workers how to create chaos in the event of his arrest.

The PTI worker further stated that after the May 9 riots, Imran started blaming agencies to save his own skin. He started spewing venom against Pakistan Armed Forces soon after the dismissal of his government in no-confidence vote last year.

PTI leader Hassan Niazi was also present at the Jinnah House during the arson attack and was busy ripping the Corps Commander’s uniform, he added.

These startling revelations were made none other than a worker of the PTI party which termed the May 9 riots as London Plan.

On the other hand, authorities arrested another culprit of May 9 tragedy. They arrested Muhammad Ilyas who is resident of Mandesh village.

Accused Ilyas’ family strongly condemned the events of May 9.

His brother Muhammad Ibrahim told media that Ilyas was misled by the PTI leadership. He said that his brother was an active member of the PTI and he had been involved in Imran’s propaganda against Pakistan Army for the last one year.

“We condemn the tragic incidents of May 9. We also advise other people not to join this propaganda. The PTI has denied its association with all the party workers arrested by the authorities, which is very shameful,” he added.