Putin-Kim alliance and global peace

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un shared the stage with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday at a Siberian Space facility and announced his country’s alliance with the Russian Federation and vowed to provide full and unconditional support for Moscow’s sacred fight to defend its security interests. According to the North Korean leader, Pyongyang will always stand with Moscow on the anti-imperialist front. Kim called North Korea’s relations with Russia the priority. Meanwhile, Russian Strongman President Vladimir Putin welcomed Kim to Russia and emphasized deep economic and security cooperation between their nations.

The two globally isolated leaders met face to face after a long time as their desperation and love for each other was at the peak because of shared hostility toward the West, shared pain simmering out of long-held economic sanctions imposed by the Western nations as well as diplomatic and trade embargo that seriously affects their nations over the past years. There had been wide-ranging speculation about military cooperation between Moscow and Pyongyang that took momentum after multiple high-level contacts and the Russian defence minister’s visit to North Korea in July. As of now, the security and defence cooperation between Russia and the DPRK has shaped into reality. It seems to be a two-way necessity as Pyongyang is in dire need of technological assistance from Moscow to send its military satellite into space, that was a longstanding desire of Pyongyang’s leader. While clever Putin intensified his thrust by hosting him at the historic space center that has great fame in this field.

Ostensibly, North Korean weaponry will shortly start reaching Ukrainian fronts and is likely to boost Moscow’s war efforts against its staunch enemy who refused to subdue before the Kremlin and resolutely defend its frontiers. Similarly, Pyongyang will send its lethal military ship into space which would not only strengthen Kim’s defences but would create grave security risks for Europe and mainland US. Although Washington and its allies are threatening their enemies not to corroborate against the western interests, but the West has played all its cards and the Putin-Kim alliance has become a dreadful dream for Western strategists. The US-Russia tussle and war in Ukraine has brought tremendous destruction to the world while every other action of the warring bloc creates further volatility and chaos. The UN and its executive arm, the UN Security Council must come to senses until and unless a deadly global war breaks out, that would be a dreadful day for universal peace and survival.