Putin sees Xi as his backer: Kirby 

Jalil Afridi 

Washington DC: John Kirby, Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council while commenting on Chinese President Xi visit to Russia said that “Putin sees Xi as his backer.”

Kirby hoped that President Xi would also speak to President Zelensky of Ukraine and would encourage Russia to stop bombing schools and hospitals in Ukraine.

John Kirby also termed China as not being  impartial in anyway with regard to Russian declared war on Ukraine.  “Xi thinks it’s some western war on Russia” Kirby added. 

Kirby did acknowledge the fact that China has not provided any lethal weapons to Russia but he did mention that some Chinese companies are involved in providing some parts related to the making of weapons. 

Kirby also termed the relations between China and Russia as “marriage of convenience” and regretted the fact that China and Russia are “continuously getting closer.” 

John Kirby also highlighted that China wants to change the “rule based order” and that it is continuously doing violations in South China Sea. 

While answering a question about Chinese investments in Africa, John Kirby said that Africa has become aware that China gives them loan on high interest rates and when those countries who can not pay back those loans, China tries to take over their “this and that.”