Rate of inflation climbed to 28.3% in July

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The rate of inflation climbed to 28.3% in the previous month of July 2023, registering an increase of 3.4% as compared to June 2023, on Tuesday.

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the inflation rate in July 2023 soared to 28.3%.

Month-on-Month inflation trend

In the previous month, prices of vegetables registered an increase of 37.6%, tomatoes 33.4%, green spices 18.8%, flour 13.3%, sugar 11.1%, potatoes 8.1%,gurr 6.79%, dry milk 5.2%, and Dal Mash 3.2%.

According to the PBS, during July, the electricity charges were risen by 39.88%, transport fare increased by 4% and hospital services became expensive by 6% when compared to June 2023.

Year-on-Year inflation trend

On Year-on-Year inflation trend, when compared to July 2022, the cigarettes became more expensive by 123.46% in July 2023, flour by 102.43%, tea by 97.26%, rice by 68.8%, wheat by 66.5%, potato by 60.6%, chicken by 58.1%, sugar by 56.4%, wheat products by 55.9%, gurr by 44.5%, Dal Moong by 43.8%, Dal Maash by 41%, milk by 30%, vegetables by 25%, stationery by 63.5%, gas by 62.8%, vehicles by 35.6%, and construction materials by 35%.

In one year, electricity charges rose by 8.3% and house rents increased by 7.4%.