Real approach of our foreign policy

Tariq Mahmood Khan

Pakistan’s foreign policy is at the cross-roads at present. We are facing extreme types of threats and opportunities. The basic objective of the foreign policy of any country is that of the economic development.

We have a big opportunity in the form of CPEC. This can change the fate of our economy. So we need a foreign policy that can help us to take its full economic advantages. For this purpose we must understand the current aspirations of the Chinese foreign policy and we will have to respond it accordingly.

China has followed the policy of non-interference d-uring last decades and currently they are not having a-ny aggressive designs agai-nst any nation. India is their hostile nation but they have ignored their hostility for sa-ke of their economic benefi-ts. Now we are to frame a foreign policy that should not contradict the Chinese objective without losing our own objectives. CPEC is not the final opportunity for us and we have many other economic opportunities so we are to keep our eyes open while formulating our foreign policy.

Afghanistan is under deep influence of India. USA is giving space to India Afghanistan because India is investing in Afghanistan. It is US strategy to strengthen India against emerging military and economic power of China. This Indo-Afghan nexus backed by USA is really a threat for Pakistan.

Currently India has same type of relations with USA which it has with the Russia during the cold war period. India has a considerable shift in its foreign policy which is a threat for us. We must have a vigilant eye on changes in the region and respond the situation sensibly. But the present developments are showing that we are not so vigilant which is worsening the situation.

Pakistan needs to make changes in its foreign policy so that we can face these threats and get good benefit of these opportunities.

But the important question is how to change it? First of all we will have to change its outlook. This will be taken positively in the world.

Secondly, seminars and conferences should be conducted so that the opinions of the experts can be taken. Finally, the government can set up a commission which can formulate its recommendations to be followed by the foreign department.


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