Redefining Corporate Wellness: Healthx Pakistan and K-Electric partner for Preventative Healthcare Management

F.P. Report

Karachi: Healthx Pakistan, a prominent multinational healthcare management company, has recently unveiled a strategic partnership with K-Electric, the country’s premier energy company.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in corporate wellness and aims to alleviate disease burden and enhance the health outcomes of KE employees. Healthx’s signature Disease Management Program, a cornerstone of this partnership, is designed to spearhead positive health outcomes for KE by offering state-of-the-art, evidence-based, 24/7 primary healthcare services to their high-risk employees.

Under this program, dedicated internationally trained in-house healthcare practitioners from Healthx will diligently screen and proactively attend to the wellbeing of these employees in a hybrid ‘phygital’ model, ensuring continuous, data driven monitoring via both on the ground and digital interventions. Emphasizing on evidence-based medicine, this unparalleled level of care not only boosts employee satisfaction and enhances their clinical outcomes but also effectively curtails costs of healthcare expenditures through preventive measures.

The result is a holistic, cost effective and proactive approach to employee health and wellness, laying the groundwork for a thriving future. Khaqan Sikander, the CEO of Healthx, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Cultivating a healthier tomorrow is not just a vision; it’s a shared responsibility.

Our partnership with K-Electric marks a defining moment in the healthcare industry, the era of reactive, cost inefficient care is gone, the time for data driven, preventative & cost-efficient care is here. K electric is a pioneer in employee health & well-being in many respects and we are thrilled to embark on this exciting and transformative journey with them.” Muhammad Rizwan Dalia, Chief People Officer at K-Electric, emphasized the significance of the partnership, saying, “K-Electric embarked on a preventive healthcare model few years back for its employees through periodic health assessments.

This not only resulted in a healthier and more engaged work force, it also allowed us to identify high risk employees requiring more attention and follow ups. We are glad to have found a partner in the shape of Healthx who share our vision and can take our wellness to the next level. ” Healthx Pakistan is a proud partner of the Trudoc International Group, a multinational healthcare management company with operations in over 6+ countries and a customer ecosystem of 1.2 million+ paid members & 6,700 corporate clients across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. K-Electric, a leading energy company in Pakistan, has been serving its customers for more than 100 years, playing a pivotal role in the country’s power sector.

With a robust distribution network and a strong commitment to sustainability and customer service, K-Electric has pioneered the industry. For more information about this transformative partnership and its implications for corporate health management, please contact Healthx Pakistan at 021-38282433.