Riots in Delhi

On the day of arrival of US President Donald Trump, goons of RSS were unleashed by Narendra Modi government to attack Muslims protesting against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act in the Indian capital Delhi. Seven people were killed, including a police constable, and 150 were injured. Since the enactment of this draconian law in December last year protests rallies are being held across India, which has claimed 30 lives so far.

Prime Minister Imran khan has repeatedly sensitised the international community about the BJP government plan to impose Hindu Supremacist ideology Hindutva on 200 million Muslims and other minorities such as Sikhs, Buddhists and other minority communities. But diplomatic pressure is not being exerted by the word powers to compel Namenda government to refrain from marginalizing Muslims living in India.

A number of Indian state legislatures have passed resolutions against the new citizenship law. Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamta Benar Jee has led protest demonstrations against this law. It has also been challenged in the Indian Supreme Court but the court has not stayed the operation of the law. The Indian Supreme Court has asked the government to file reply. It implies how hate against has been institutionalized in India. Ironically, opposition parties in Pakistan have kept mum over the anti-Muslims citizenship law. OIC is also silent on the law which detrimental to the rights of Muslims of India.