Rising nationalism in France

The flag of the European Union was removed from the Arc de Triomphe, in Central Paris after the protest by the right wing opposition leaders. According to details, the EU Canvas was hung at the French monument of Arc de Triophe in honor of the beginning of the six-month French presidency of the EU Council, however rightwing nationalist leaders including the Presidential candidate and leader of the National Rally party, Marine Le Pen, the candidate from the center-right Republicans party, Valerie Pécresse and the leader of the Revoyevoye party and Presidential candidate, Eric Zemmour. The far extremist leaders called the situation blasphemy and an insult to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, located under the arch, and called on President Emmanuel Macron to return the national flag at its place. According to reports, the EU flag was supposed to flutter under the arch for several days and likely to be removed along with the Christmas illumination on January 9. After campaign by the opposition, French government has removed the EU’s flag from the monument but yet not installed French banner there. The far-right leaders termed this success as a patriotic victory and accused the ruling party for insulting national flag, whereas French government termed it a serious political fault. The incident prompted a political fight between the government and opposition, while both sides are securing points on the issue.
The extremist sentiments and violent behavior is not a new phenomenon in French society, however these far right shades had enriched their trends in France during recent years. The French Politicians had always played a condemnable role in fueling extra nationalist sentiments in the society for political gains. The French far right groups had been targeting migrants particularly Muslim community and coloured minorities but neither political elite nor state institutions played their rule in curbing this social evil rather radical Political Junta defended this unlawful behaviour as freedom of expression and human right. Presently, French Presidential elections are due in April this year and several far right leaders are contesting the upcoming election while using nationalist theories and radical doctrines to appease the voters.
In fact, all EU member nations are supposed to hold EU’s Presidency for a six months term on rotational basis, and EU’s Convas had been waving in France during its term of presidency in the past. However, due to forthcoming Presidential election right-wing parties and independent Presidential candidates criticized the government move to exploit the public sentiments in their favor. The use of nationalism for political purpose was introduced by American President Donald Trump through “America first” doctrine and successfully landed in the white house, whereas his success encouraged many in France, Germany and Netherland to use card of nationalism and hate doctrine to enter the Presidential palace of the countries.
Presently, French President Emmanuel Macron has an Impressive strategy during French Presidency to enhance interstate cooperation of EU state but the far-right leaders want to live in isolation and demanding French exist from the European Union. Presently, a war is continuing between liberal forces and French conservatives, while the right-wing parties are gradually taking stage in the national politics. Hence the forthcoming Presidential election would decide the fate of France and its future relations with the EU in particular and the world in general.