Russia has developed a rescue drone taking off from the water

MOSCOW (TASS): Russian specialists have developed and successfully tested a unique all-weather rescue drone Seadrone, which is capable of splashing down and taking off from the water, as well as conducting work in the Arctic region. This was reported to TASS in the press service of the company-developer “Shooting from the air”.

“The world has been developing rescue drones for a long time, but often standard drones are re-equipped for special tasks. Such drones have a number of restrictions on weather conditions, automatic execution of tasks, also without the possibility of splashdown, carrying out a flight mission in strong gusts of wind with sand and dust”, – noted in the press service.

The first domestic rescue drone was tested in the Kara Sea, where exercises were carried out to rescue a man who fell overboard. In conditions of salt fog, strong winds and freezing temperatures, the Seadrone unmanned aerial vehicle automatically detected a person and returned to the deck of a sea vessel.

During tests in Dubai, the performance of the product and its components was checked when exposed to aggressive environmental factors, such as high air temperature (up to plus 55 degrees Celsius), high air humidity (up to 80%), sea water and salt, dust and sand.

“To perform work in the Arctic latitudes, as well as in Africa and the Middle East, the drone is equipped with a fully sealed rotor group. Thus, it can withstand temperatures from minus 30 to plus 55 degrees Celsius without overheating and frostbite,” the company said.