Russia says withdrawing troops from Ukrainian border

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POLYGON OPUK (TASS): Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu decided to complete verification activities in the Southern and Western military districts, because all the goals were achieved.

“I believe that the objectives of the surprise check have been fully achieved.
The troops have demonstrated the ability to ensure reliable defense of the country,” Shoigu said on Thursday in Crimea at a meeting on the results of the actions of the Southern Military District and the Airborne Forces during surprise checks. in the Southern and Western Military Districts “.

The head of the department set the task “to the General Staff, the commanders of the military districts and the airborne troops to plan and start from April 23 to the return of troops to their permanent deployment points, conduct a detailed analysis and summarize the results of a surprise check of the troops.”

Shoigu ordered until May 1 of this year to return to the places of permanent deployment of the troops that were involved in the exercises in the south of Russia.
“By May 1, 2021, return the personnel of the 58th Army of the Southern Military District, the 41st Army of the Central Military District, the 7th, 76th Airborne Assault and 98th Airborne Divisions of the airborne troops to their permanent deployment points.” , – ordered Shoigu on Thursday at a meeting in Crimea.

As a result of the meeting, he instructed the commanders of the military districts “to plan in detail the return of troops to the points of permanent deployment.”
“At the same time, ensure compliance with the requirements of security measures and prevent accidents along the way,” the minister said.

In addition, he noted that the equipment and weapons of the 41st Combined Arms Army, which are planned to be used in the Zapad-2021 strategic exercises, should be placed in field parks at the Pogonovo training ground, and their maintenance and reliable protection should be organized.

It is also required “to analyze sudden inspections in all levels of management, draw up a plan to eliminate deficiencies and begin to implement them,” the minister said.
He ordered to encourage all servicemen who distinguished themselves during the exercises and training.

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