Russia: Statement by the Spokesperson on the decision to ban Deutsche Welle

F.P. Report

BRUSSELS: The decision by the Russian authorities to ban the German public service broadcaster Deutsche Welle from broadcasting in Russia, revoke the accreditation of its employees, suggest to consider designating it as a ”foreign agent” and close its office in Moscow, is unacceptable and lacks any justification.

The German regulator’s decision to ban the Russian state broadcaster RT DE from operating in the country due to the absence of a valid licence is entirely unrelated to the work of Deutsche Welle in Russia.

The reaction of the Russian authorities regrettably illustrates yet again their continuous violations of media freedom and disregard for independence of the media.

We stand in solidarity with Deutsche Welle and its personnel in Russia and will continue to follow the situation. We expect that Deutsche Welle will have full and fair access to legal steps in order to challenge this unjustified decision.