Russia’s trade mission employee allegedly involved in illegal data transfer, leaves Japan

TOKYO (TASS): An employee of the Russian trade mission in Tokyo, who allegedly illegally received data on military technologies from a former employee of a Japanese research company, has left Japan, the Russian Embassy in Tokyo told TASS.

“We confirm that an employee of the Russian trade mission in Japan, mentioned in reports of their alleged involvement in illegal activities, has left Tokyo today. In the atmosphere of the psychological pressure exerted on them, it was hardly worth staying in Tokyo,” the diplomatic service said.

The diplomatic mission also said that it considers reports from the Japanese police about the case absurd. “We are perplexed about reports from Japanese law enforcement agencies about the allegedly illegal activities of an employee of the Russian trade mission in Japan. We regret that they were picked up by the local press. We also note that the absurd accusations against the trade mission employee, who was involved in promoting trade and economic ties, followed the generally progressive development of Russian-Japanese relations,” the embassy wrote on Facebook.

Earlier the Japanese media reported that former head of a research company was detained by the Kanagawa Prefecture police on suspicions of illegal use of databases, and the transfer of data related to military technologies to an employee of the Russian trade mission in Tokyo.