Sara Ali Khan puts a full stop to religious judgment by viewers

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MUMBAI: Sara Ali Khan, the rising Bollywood star, recently spoke candidly about her approach to fame, authenticity, and handling public scrutiny.

In an interview, the actress shared her perspective on maintaining a genuine public persona, embracing constructive feedback on her work, and disregarding personal judgments about her religious beliefs and appearance.

Despite constant media attention and paparazzi following her every move, Sara confidently remains true to herself, without creating different public and private personas. She believes that audiences today seek honesty and authenticity from celebrities, and she is determined to be just that—an authentic and relatable celebrity.

Sara emphasized her focus on self-validation and not letting external opinions define her sense of worth. She attributes this mindset to her upbringing, where she learned the importance of internal qualities over external appearance. As a result, she is unfazed by criticism or opinions on her religious beliefs, clothing choices, or airport looks.

When it comes to her work, Sara appreciates constructive criticism from the audience and is open to learning and improving her craft. She feels connected to fellow actresses like Janhvi Kapoor, Ananya Pandey, and Radhika Madan, who also faced career setbacks due to the pandemic.

Contrary to the stereotypical diva image often associated with ‘nepo babies’ (children of film industry insiders), Sara embodies authenticity and sisterhood in the industry. Despite being the daughter of renowned actors Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh, and having royal lineage, Sara remains grounded and values her true self above celebrity status or glitzy designer wear.

With a promising career ahead of her and a commitment to her authentic self, Sara Ali Khan continues to gain admiration from both fans and peers in the Bollywood film industry.