Save Fuel; Armed Forces to observe Friday as ‘dry day’

ISLAMABAD (APP): The Armed Forces keeping its tradition of leading national efforts with extraordinary initiatives declared every Friday as a dry day for the entire military to save fuel amid economic crisis while no government transport would run except in emergencies on that day.
The Armed Forces, once again, made a big decision to take measures in order to stabilize the economy, despite the challenges faced by the country and the rising cost of living, the Pakistan Army did not allow any shortfall in its military capabilities and pledged to ensure national defense and security with the available resources, the official sources said.
The Armed Forces had taken long term measures for special savings in terms of diesel and petrol consumption.
Instead of going to remote areas for large training exercises and training, it has been decided to conduct small scale trainings near the cantonments.
During the current financial year 2022-23, the Armed Forces did not demand any additional funds in the budget as per the practice in the previous two years.
To stabilize the economy, the armed forces have made major decisions, including reducing their general spending in various areas and has further limited its spending on utility bills. It has been decided to work online for conferences and other important issues using technology that would help in reduction of unnecessary mobility, which would save the precious reserves of the national exchequer.

A number of agreements have been executed in local currency for the purchase of military equipment in order to save foreign exchange reserves.
In addition, the Pakistan Army saved Rs 6 billion from the amount allotted in the last financial year in lieu off COVID-19 funds and returned it to the government.
At the same time, it also saved about Rs 3.5 billion from the amount allotted in the previous budget for the purchase of military equipment and returned it to the national treasury.
The sources noted that this year’s defense budget was only 16% of the national budget.
In terms of direct and indirect taxes and duties, the Pakistan Army and its welfare agencies have deposited a whopping Rs 935 billion in the national treasury in the last five years.