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Seven Taliban fighters killed in airstrike

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SHEBERGHAN: At least seven Taliban gunmen were killed and dozen other injured in airstrike conducted by Afghan Air Force on a Taliban base in Sare Pul province.

Chief of Sare Pul Police, Khalilullah Dastiar told local media that airstrike was conducted on the Taliban hideouts in Dara Alaf Sufaid area of Kohistan district in which seven militants were killed and 12 other were injured.

He added that Dara Alaf Sufaid area is under the control of Taliban from the past two years and they have established their military base here.

Dastair claimed that the Taliban base was targeted during the airstrike when the Taliban fighters were busy in military training. The Taliban base was named after Khair Muhammad Mujahid.
The Taliban killed more than 100 security personnel when ambushed a convoy of Afghan forces in this area about three years ago.

He further added that Taliban had established underground bases in the area. They planned their attacks from these bases.

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