Sindh govt aims to generate employment opportunities: Sharjeel

F.P. Report
KARACHI: Minister for Information, Transport, and Mass Transit of Sindh, Sharjeel Inam Memon, addressed the press conference following the meeting of the Sindh Cabinet on Thursday. He emphasized that the Karoonjhar Mountain holds significant historical value, and the Sindh government is committed to preserving its historical status from any potential impact. He further stated that the government has invested billions of rupees to construct several small dams, providing water to the villages and lands surrounding Karoonjhar. The objective behind these efforts is to safeguard the historical significance of Karoonjhar while simultaneously improving the economic conditions of the local communities in the area.
He said that Karoonjhar is the area where I commenced my political career as a candidate for the Provincial Assembly. He highlighted that the people of Karoonjhar and Thar have consistently demonstrated their trust and support by voting for the Pakistan People’s Party. Moreover, he mentioned that the party has successfully accomplished remarkable projects, including generating electricity from coal in Thar, establishing an airport in the region, constructing an extensive network of roads, installing RO plants, and initiating various development projects focused on housing, education, healthcare, and economic prosperity for the people of Thar. He concluded by affirming the party’s commitment to continuing their duty of public service.
He mentioned that the Sindh Cabinet has taken several significant decisions, it has decided to grant pensions to retired employees of the Workers Welfare Board, the formation of governing bodies of SESSI has been approved, and there will be a representation of women in all such governing bodies as part of the women empowerment policy.
He said that the Cabinet has given its approval for the establishment of a Provincial Financial Commission. In order to streamline processes, the rules of the Building Control Authority in Khairpur Special Economic Zone will be handled under a one-window system. To promote investment and create employment opportunities in Sukkur, the Cabinet has made the decision to allocate an industrial area there, a committee has been formed to create an industrial zone in Hyderabad.
He said that the Sindh government, led by the People’s Party, aims to generate employment opportunities and drive economic development for the betterment of the people. He announced that the Sindh government is committed to supporting the establishment and training of an autism center, allocating a budget of 70 crore rupees for this purpose, the Cabinet has approved several new schemes aimed at improving facilities and services for the people, the Sindh government has made a significant decision to write off government loans that were taken by government departments since 1980.
Sharjeel Inam Memon stated that the largest project in the world’s history, aimed at providing houses for 21 lakh homeless people, is progressing rapidly, the titles of these houses are being registered in the names of women, empowering them in the process. He further added that if the People’s Party forms the government after the elections, they will continue to allocate houses to those affected by floods throughout Pakistan who have lost their homes.
Sharjeel Inam Memon criticized Imran Khan’s party and said that they misused funds meant for housing projects for their own benefit, without fulfilling their promise of providing houses to the people. In contrast, the People’s Party is dedicated to constructing houses for the homeless with full ownership rights, ensuring a secure future for them.
In response to a question, Sharjeel Inam Memon emphasized that the law should take strict action against any politician or ruler who discloses official secrets. He also highlighted that the Sindh government is actively engaged in continuous efforts to promote the establishment of industries in the region. To facilitate this, the government is taking steps to create industrial zones, fostering an environment conducive to industrial growth and development.
In response to a question, Sharjeel Inam Memon stated that he had a goodwill meeting with the Prime Minister yesterday.
Regarding the loan issue, he clarified that the government has not waived the loan of any individual; rather, only the loans of government institutions have been approved for certain measures or purposes. In response to a question, he mentioned that he had said on the floor of the assembly and invited the leader of the opposition to come, but the leader did not attend.
Regarding the performance of the Pakistan People’s Party during its tenure, he expressed that the party has accomplished exemplary work. He said that the People’s Bus Service in Karachi will soon introduce new routes, scheduled to begin on Monday or Tuesday. He assured that both the Sindh government and relevant institutions are vigilant and fully prepared to address any potential law and order situation.
In response to a question, he emphasized that the Karoonjhar Mountain holds immense historical value and the government is committed to safeguarding it from any harm or damage. He further explained that substantial investments, amounting to billions of rupees, have been made to construct small dams in Karoonjhar, ensuring a stable water supply to the surrounding villages.
Moreover, he highlighted that the people of Karoonjhar have consistently shown their support to the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) through their votes. As a result, the PPP has initiated various development projects, including the construction of roads, an airport, power projects, and other essential facilities in Thar. In response to a question, Sharjeel Inam Memon stated that the Election Commission has made a clear decision regarding the census, affirming that the upcoming election will be conducted based on the data from the last census.