Social media to vulgarity….

Farrukh Sultan

Our country is going through a very crucial time right now. Atheist and other specific groups having same ideology, have started a systematic conspiracy through social media to destroy the morals, character, beliefs of our young generation as well as peace and economy of beloved Country for the last twenty five years. No intelligent and sane person can deny the importance and necessity of technology in today’s modern era.

Social media is a part of our daily lives which is full of knowledge and wisdom. It is not only restricted in providing knowledge and wisdom whereas on the other hand it also gives access to the filth of immorality, indecency, pornography leading ultimately to blasphemy. Now it solely depends on the upbringing, training and thinking of the user, whether he tends to collect the knowledge and wisdom or the filth of misguidance and immorality.

One right click on social media can put the youth and country on the path of success but one wrong click can be devastating for the young generation and our beloved country. It depends on the user whether social media can be a blessing on one hand and curse on the other. Our society is so mired in immorality that we are the top viewers of porn videos in the world. This is a matter of concern for the entire nation.

Even if it had been only indecency, it would not have been tolerable, but now it has gone beyond indecency to blasphemy. These groups have launched a conspiracy on social media in a very systematic way followed by ill intent to insult or causes to insult the Holy name of Allah, the Holy Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) the Ahl al-Bayt, umhat ul momineen the Companions of the Prophet (PBUH), the Holy Quran and the national flag of Beloved Country Pakistan.

This Blasphemy is so grave that a man of common prudent cannot even imagine it. The parts of the human body which are not considered to be spoken of even in loneliness, the names of above mentioned Holy Personalities are being written on such private parts by this group. Such sick minded people after writing these Holy names perform intercourse with each other and its videos are made, images are shared on specific apps and in certain specific groups.

All of this is not taking place in Norway, Sweden, France and Holland, but in our beloved Pakistan which is fastly becoming victim to this conspiracy that tends to deteriorate our beloved country.

No corner of the country is safe from this conspiracy whether it is Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Gilgit or anywhere in Pakistan. We got this homeland after our elders, mothers, sisters and daughters sacrificed their lives and was established on the basis of Islam. Considering that now the sanctity of Islam is being insulted in this country which ultimately is resulting in situation of law and order leading to economic crisis. The enemies behind this conspiracy are the same as were in 1947 at the time of creation of our beloved Pakistan.

FIA Cybercrime has so far arrested doctors, professors, engineers, chartered accountants, lawyers, religious scholars, Hafiz, Naat Khawan, Sajjada Nashin, government employees, private employees, rich, poor belonging to every sect, religion and locality in Pakistan among the people who have been involved in blasphemy. Infact there are people from every class and creed involved in the blasphemous activities.

Its gravity can be determined from the fact that, such Ahl al-Hadith were arrested who used to insult Allah, the Most High along with other pious, such Barelvi was arrested who along with other persons used to insult the Prophet (peace be upon him) such Deobandi were arrested who insulted the umhat ul momineen and the Caliphs, such ehl tashii were arrested who insulted Makhdooma Kunin R.A, Such Hafiz were arrested who insulted the Holy Quran, such Christians were arrested who insulted the Bible and Such Hindus were arrested who were insulting the Hindu religious beliefs. Similarly, when the FIA cybercrime arrested a teacher of Hadith in a Madrasa, the blasphemy he committed to the Holy Qur’an Ahl al-Bayt Athar and Prophet PBUH cannot Even be imagined.

According to the version of FIA Cybercrime in the Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench and the research of the Legal Commission on blasphemy Pakistan (LCBP), more than four lakh unfortunate social media accounts from Pakistan are involved in such serious blasphemy on social media. Allama Muhammad Iqbal (may God bless him and grant him peace) said a century ago that the powers of polytheism want to weaken the relationship of Muslims and their love towards the Prophet PBUH.

What Allama said a hundred years ago is in front of us like an undeniable fact. In the name of innovation/modernism, the culture of immorality is being promoted and an attempt is being made to remove it from Hijaz and Yemen (Muslim world) by giving Arabs thoughts of foreign imaginations (vulgarity and indecency). Indecency is being promoted through social media and through this indecency the new generation is being pushed into the swamp of blasphemy.

More than 10 crore people are currently using social media in our beloved country. There is no effective social media monitoring system in the country, which has given free rein to the users of the media. You can gauge how fast this evil is spreading from the fact that four people together formed a blasphemy group in the mid of 2019, later in 2022 FIA Cybercrime arrested all four of them but when they were arrested the number of members of such group had increased to more than 32 thousand. Controlling this epidemic is not just a matter of a few people, for this the whole nation has to play a role, the government institutions have to fulfil their responsibilities and duties.

The main objective of this organized conspiracy is to create chaos in Pakistan and destroy law and order in order to stop the development of the motherland by pushing it into civil war and to destroy it and to create hatred between the religions and the followers of the religion. So defusing the objective of this conspiracy is the prime responsibility of every patriotic citizen of Pakistan. This conspiracy is so dangerous that a social media account transpiring to one religion or creed is intended in defaming the opposite religion or creed to achieve their objective of destroying our beloved country.

By thwarting the intentions of these blasphemours, not only the motherland can be saved, but to thwart this conspiracy, it is the responsibility of the PTA to register the social media in Pakistan and apply filtration on the social media so that the blasphemy and Such obscene content cannot be posted, shared or downloaded. Information of these accounts/persons involved in these crimes should be provided to FIA Cybercrime by PTA and FIA through use of modern technology should arrest wherever they are and brought to book and make an example. Until this happens, the responsibility of parents is the highest in the current situation.

Parents who provide mobile, laptop and internet access to their children should also keep an eye on what their children do on social media because when any such culprit is arrested the one’s who suffer the most are the parents. When the children follow the path of indecency in ignorance they reach the point of blasphemy through pornographic videos in light of this conspiracy. Because when a person becomes indecent, he can do anything.

If One becomes indecent the reciter of the Qur’an can also insult the Quran, Noha khwan can do blasphemy of Sayeda Pak, and the impudent humming of national songs can also become the impudence of the green crescent flag. In order to control this epidemic, it is necessary to educate the society where parents are made aware of these situations, not to share any such content further at any cost in any shape and to prevent the promotion of such content in all circumstances. The path of law should be adopted so that deterrence is established against such criminals with the rule of law in the society.

The Legal Commission on Blasphemy Pakistan has so far arrested one hundred and forty people while helping the FIA cybercrime by taking the path of law. The trial court has so far sentenced eleven people to death. The death sentence of two persons has also been confirmed by the High Court. There are fifteen police stations of FIA cybercrime across the country and blasphemy cells have been established in all these police stations. A resolution has been passed by the parliament of Pakistan to remove this blasphemous material from the social media space as soon as possible and at any cost.

Standing committee on religious affairs has constituted a special committee to curb this evil, courts have been issued directions to eliminate this evil. Wherever you see offensive content on social media, file a report in the concerned FIA Cyber Crime Station. Blasphemy cells are active in all police stations and such requests are promptly processed. A blasphemer using any app, sharing blasphemous content on any website or using a VPN is traced by cybercrime technology, arrested and prosecuted as per the law.

One of the reasons for the rapid spread of this epidemic is that there is no necessary awareness in the society regarding the criminal use of social media. The Legal Commission on Blasphemy of Pakistan, realizing the importance and necessity of awareness in this regard, has decided to organize a systematic campaign for awareness on this issue.

In this regard, it is requested that all sections of the society, especially madrasas, scholars, teachers, journalists, lawyers, columnists, political and social leaders, businessmen and political, journalistic, religious, social, Political parties and institutions play a full role in this campaign. If we all play our role responsibly in this campaign, then the epidemic of indecency and blasphemy in our beloved country can be prevented to a large extent. So it is humbly requested to be a part of this noble campaign in order to save the future generations.