Syrian Democratic Forces are conducting operation in Al-Hawl says Kirby

F.P Report

WASHINGTON: Pentagon press Secretary John F. Kirby commented on withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, saying that the President hasn’t made a decision, so we’re obviously not going to get ahead of him on that, Wednesday.

Quoting Secretary of Defense he said when we were in Kabul a week or so ago, that if there’s a decision to leave, he’s confident that General Miller and General General McKenzie will be able to do that in a safe, effective  and orderly way.

He also commented on the security situation in Burma, he said Chiefs of Defense, including General Mark Milley, wrote a letter that speaks to the concern about the security situation in Burma.

He also added that COVID-19 data saying that we want to make sure we get it right.  We just want to make sure that if we’re going to roll out more data for you, that it’s data you can rely on, in a format that’s easy to understand and to comprehend and that’s useful, and, you know, we’re still working on that.

Moreover, he also commented on the report on the HHS request for site visits, he said  there was an additional site visit to Camp Roberts, which is a National Guard base in central California, for the potential use of the federal part of the land of that  of that site.

We can tell you that as of right now, we don’t have a request for assistance for additional sites from HHS, he said.

Moreover, he also commented on the issue of Syria, saying that the Syrian Democratic forces did initiate an operation over the weekend to degrade and disrupt ISIS activities inside the Al-Hawl IDP Camp.  That operation is ongoing. As of Sunday, there were nine individuals, including one ISIS leader detained by the SDF, he added.

As it is an ongoing operation that the SDF is conducting, the purpose of the operation is to remove ISIS elements from Al-Hawl in order to bolster the safety and security of the camp as has been recently advocated, Kirby commented.

I would remind that in this year alone, 2021, more than 40 residents of the Al-Hawl Camp have been murdered, so maintaining security in and around Al-Hawl remains essential to facilitating humanitarian access and safeguarding innocent civilians that are there, Press Secretary commented.

Other than this he also commented on the vaccination, saying that the men and women of the workforce should be as informed as possible about the safety and efficacy of these vaccines, and to speak with their physicians about what’s the right decision for them and for their health, and for the health of their families and, quite frankly, for the health of their teammates, he said.