The moment of the fall of people from the plane leaving Kabul was captured on video

MOSCOW (RIA Novosti): Eyewitnesses videotaped the moment when people fell from an airplane gaining altitude, presumably taking off from the Kabul airport.

Local media also published photos from the scene. According to one version, several people caught on parts of the aircraft in an attempt to fly away from the capital of Afghanistan. The exact number of victims is unknown.

According to TV channels, chaos reigns at the only airport in Kabul because of the helicopters that are used to take out the employees of diplomatic missions. Also, the building of the air harbor is being stormed by local residents fearing the new authorities.

Taliban seizure of power

Several weeks ago, against the background of the withdrawal of the American contingent from Afghanistan, the situation in the republic sharply deteriorated: the Taliban launched an offensive on large cities. On Sunday, it became known that the rebels control all border crossings. Later that day, gunmen announced that they had entered the presidential palace.

Head of State Ashraf Ghani fled, his whereabouts are unknown. On Monday night, a spokesman for the Taliban political office * Mohammad Naim said that the war that had lasted for 20 years is over and a new form of government will soon become clear.