The US pullout and its implications on Pakistan…….

Naseebullah Achakzai

The US and its allies, annunciation of exit from Afghanistan have spawned fears in Pakistan. Pakistan is the immediate neighbour of Afghanistan, which is affected directly by the pathetic situation there. The example of the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan is before us, whose aftershocks are still felt in Pakistan. In the case of the US withdrawal,  the fears are that it may impact Pakistan. Preparing a vigilant ground and robust policy is necessary.

The Indian involvement in Afghanistan has always been a point of concern for Pakistan. Its presence has been a direct threat to Pakistan. The recent dossier which Pakistan presented in the UN about the Indian malicious designs against Pakistan through Afghanistan is a huge facticity. After the US withdrawal, India will try to cement its feet more. Prominent analyst Hamid Mir has feared the wishful thinking of deployment of Indian forces in Afghanistan after the US exit. What come may, Pakistan has to fight that satanic intend of India. For that the policymakers have to take China into confidence and convince Afghanistan about its consequences. Moreover, Pakistan should start lobbying against it in the United Nations.

The Doha agreement is still incomplete. The Intra_Afghan talks are standstill. The Taliban has refused to participate in Turkey’s Conference and power sharing in the future government of Afghanistan while the Ghani administration is adamant to leave the reign of the government. This confrontation will be a huge obstacle in the post_withdrawal stability and peace. The Us has left vacuum in cementing bureaucracy, state-building, institutional progress, military and economy.

This may lead to civil war. If chaos and violence erupt in Afghanistan, the flow of emigrants to Pakistan will be a brobdingnagian catastrophe for already struggling economy and social disorder. The policymakers must involve the regional players; the USA, the NATO and the UNO about the human disaster against the post depart. Significant engagement of the international community for the reconstruction of Afghanistan is imperative. Pakistan must stress upon them to prepare a comprehensive strategy of socioeconomic and military progression of Afghanistan.

Internal destabilization in Afghanistan could plunge Afghanistan into drug and arms trafficking, and Pakistan would be the ultimate sufferer as it was after the USSR pullout.  This insecurity could further endanger the fencing which has been almost completed.  Fencing which has been a viable solution to terrorists (whose fears after post withdrawal has also been expressed by the US CENTCOM chief  KennethMckenzie)  entrance in Pakistan, has helped in the reduction of terrorist attacks and violence in Pakistan, which would reduce the smuggling of drugs and arms, will be threatened by non- peaceful elements in Afghanistan, amid internal disorder.

The US pullback has become a cause celebre for the world including Pakistan. Pakistan hopes and supports a stable Afghanistan, which is in the interests of not only itself but also for the world. The post US withdrawal of Afghanistan might have challenges for Pakistan. Preparing a robust and all_ inclusive arrangement concerning refugees, drugs and arms smuggling, and terrorism is the need of the hour.

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