Three diets that could help reduce blood pressure

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ISLAMABAD: Dr Chris Steele, seventy-six years old British Medical Doctor, has been sharing his experiences and knowledge on ITV for the last 30 years. He shares three diets that could help reduce blood pressure and its consequences.
The rise in blood pressure could stroll your threat of life-threatening complications. These complications can lead to health problems such as heart attack and stroke. Recently, Dr Chris Steele has come up with three diets that will help reduce blood pressure. Hypertension, which is a consistent increase in blood pressure, can lead to fatal health problems. That is the reason hypertension is frequently cited as the “silent” condition or sometimes silent killer. Hypertension is usually portrayed by a lack of symptoms. Just because this condition doesn’t have many symptoms, the ailment can silently stimulate your risk of drastic health problems. But Dr Chris has sorted it for you. Simple adaptations in your living style can assist lessen your high blood pressure.
More than one-third of the Pakistani population suffers from high blood pressure. There is no set-up system for people to know about their health and there is very little awareness about monitoring symptoms and blood pressure. Most of our population don’t even know they are going through a certain condition unless it hits them badly with some severe ailment or even death.
But now not to worry. The great news is that there are strategies to regulate the condition and decrease your blood pressure.
On the show aired on ITV on 4th March, Dr Chris communicated the advantageous findings of current research from the University of South Australia, gawking at hypertension.
According to the study of the University of South Australia, the basic and promising finding is that having an everyday portion of yoghurt could slash high blood pressure. Explaining this, Dr Chris clarified that it is about the ordinary raw yoghurt and not the flavoured ones with added sugar. Dr further elaborates that, ideally, live yoghurt is preferred but only if you can get it.
The TV doctor shared that the research moreover urges having walnuts every day. Along with these two products, herbal tea, in particular, hibiscus tea also assists in decreasing your blood pressure.
Explaining the details of the study, the TV show shared the research which took 915 adults for trial. The experimenters utilized a food frequency questionnaire to assess the amount of yoghurt consumed daily.
The conclusions conveyed that whatever the amount of yoghurt you take at whichever time, an everyday dose of yoghurt must be the go-to food for people with elevated blood pressure. Dr Alexandra Wade, a postdoctoral researcher from the University of South Australia clarified what makes yoghurt so potent.
She said that dairy foods, particularly yoghurt, might be competent in lessening blood pressure because they comprise a proportion of micronutrients, constituting calcium, magnesium, and potassium. These micronutrients are all known for regulating high blood pressure. These micronutrients are the basic elements that are altered by antihypertensive medications to lower blood pressure.
According to the postdoctoral researcher, Yogurt is primarily fascinating as it also embodies bacteria that stimulate the discharge of proteins which decreases blood pressure.
She illustrated that even a small quantity of creamy foods could exhibit favourable outcomes in people with hypertension.
Dr further added that for those who ate yoghurt regularly, the outcomes were better and stronger, with blood pressure readings approximately seven points lower than those who did not consume yoghurt.
These conclusions are significant as increased blood pressure is considered one of the primary hazards for developing heart disease. And heart diseases are nowadays the directing cause of death worldwide, and also in Pakistan. By lessening your blood pressure, you can also decrease your chance of the fatal disease.
These amendments in the diet must be considered by each individual, as most people don’t even know that they are hypertensive because of the silent nature of the condition.