Trade bodies, FBR discuss budget proposals

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Office-bearers and representatives of various trade associations met Federal Minister for Revenue, Haroon Akhtar Khan here at FBR House to discuss with him various proposals aimed at further facilitating the business community and boosting government revenues.

Those who met the Minister included office-bearers and representatives from the Pakistan Tyres and Tubes Manufacturers Association as well as other trade bodies, according to FBR press statement.

The meetings were part of an extensive consultative process

initiated by Haroon Akhtar Khan and his team at FBR to have a first-hand understanding of the issues and concerns of the business community ahead of firming up and finalizing tax proposals for the next year budget.

The representatives of the Pakistan Tyres and Tubes Manufacturers Association briefed Haroon Akhtar Khan on what they described the anomalies in the taxation regime governing the tyre industry.

The presented their proposals to the Minister for providing the industry a level-playing field and further boosting growth.

They told the Minister the industry was doing considerably well, not only meeting a major share of the local market but also exporting their products abroad because of their competitive prices and better quality.

Haroon Akhtar Khan told them that FBR would sincerely look into their issues and concerns and their proposals for redressing the situation would be considered for inclusion in the next year’s budget.

“The government is determined to come up with a pro-industry and pro-investment budget before ending its term on a successful note,” he said.

The minister assured them that the government was concerned

about their issues and concerns and due consideration would be accorded to their recommendations and proposals for the upcoming Finance Bill.