Traders committed to pave way for economic growth

F.P. Report

MARDAN: President of the Central Organization of Traders Pakistan Kashif Chaudhary along with Provincial President Sharafat Ali Mubarak, visited Mardan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mardan and met President Mardan Chamber and Provincial General Secretary, Zahir Shah, including presidents and general secretaries of various organizations of Mardan District, and the Traders Federation District Charsadda President Lal Muhammad Lal and cabinet members, Swabi district president Babu Sultan Bhader and cabinet members, Tariq Khan and cabinet members of Takht Bhai.

Representatives of press and electronic media were also present on this occasion. Provincial General Secretary Zahir Shah thanked the chief guest Kashif Chaudhary, Central President of Trade Union Pakistan, for his visit to Mardan Chamber and said that Kashif Chaudhary is a dear leader who He has always raised his voice for the interests and welfare of the traders who have ever benefited the interests of the traders, that is why the example of all the traders is like a clenched fist, a living example of which was the nationwide shutter down strike of September 02 which has proved that this organization is really a true organization of businessmen and we will always respond to the voice of our respected leader and play the role of the vanguard by his side.

The successful nationwide shutter down strike against inflation is commendable and all credit goes to Central President Kashif Chaudhary and his team because the main purpose of this strike was to give maximum relief to the traders, because the traders are overburden of various taxes which have ended the employment of the traders and the traders are unable to earn a daily bread. Provincial President Sharafat Ali Mubarak asked the participants while thanking Kashif Chaudhary for coming to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa he paid tribute to Provincial General Secretary Zahir Shah for organizing a grand program and said that Mardan is indeed a city of hospitality.

The living proof of which is today’s event. The purpose of organizing this event is to solve the problems of all the businessmen together because today the businessmen are suffering from many problems and since that day, he has served the businessmen selflessly and unselfishly, which has been successfully continued till today by the grace of Allah.

It was a very difficult task to bring about, but because our aim was to provide relief to the traders for the well-being of the traders, it met with considerable success, to the credit of our trading brothers. Addressing the program, Central President Kashif Chaudhary thanked Mardan Chamber President and Provincial General Secretary Zahir Shah for organizing a prestigious event, which included the presidents and office bearers of various organizations and markets, as well as the presidents and office bearers of various districts and tehsils. Central President Kashif Chaudhary said that we have a strong feeling that the businessman is suffering from various problems these days due to which the economic activities have come to a standstill due to which the economy of the country is going towards decline and the value of the rupee is decreasing but despite all these conditions and difficulties, the traders have not come under pressure from anyone and they are continuing their commercial activities.

The central president said that our first priority is working for the welfare of the traders and our demands are very simple one is to give various types of tax exemptions in electricity bills to the traders to keep the economy running. End the cruel contracts that have been entered into for energy production as it is causing a loss of 2700 billion rupees and no profit, 34 crore free electricity units are being given to the elite Its burden is being put on the poor people, it should be removed. Economic development is impossible until the traders are given relief and when the traders are happy, then Pakistan will be prosperous and on the path of development. At the end of the event Mardan Chamber President and Provincial General Secretary Zahir Shah thanked all the guests and reiterated that we will all work for the stability of traders.