UK statement for the interactive dialogue with the Commission on South Sudan

F.P. Report

GENEVA: The UK’s Global Ambassador for Human Rights, Rita French delivered the statement, noting that it is clear from the Commission’s report that the human rights situation in South Sudan remains incredibly grave.

Let me start by thanking the Commission for their report.

We welcome that there has been some progress on improving human rights in South Sudan; that the Government is continuing to cooperate with the Commission; and that effort is being made to advance the 2018 Revitalized Agreement, though we are still very far from full implementation.

However, it is clear from the Commission’s report, and from other relevant reports, including by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, that the human rights situation in South Sudan remains incredibly grave. Evidence continues to surface of human rights violations and abuses being committed regularly, and with impunity, by all actors across the country, including, as we have just heard, against women and girls. We are also deeply concerned about the continued restrictions to civic space by the Government. This is unacceptable, and particularly worrying with a view to South Sudan’s national elections.

In light of this, the UK is clear that the Commission must continue its important work. The Council should agree to extend its mandate this session.


What immediate steps should the Government of South Sudan take to address the lack of accountability for human rights violations and abuses? And how can the international community best support the implementation of Chapter V of the Revitalized Agreement?