Ukraine’s conflict and Western plan

The Chief of Staff of the US Army, General James McConville has told the reporters that the US Ground Forces are not engaged in the training and education of Ukrainian military personnel on the territory of Poland. According to McConville, currently, Ukrainians are being given materials including weapons and military equipment in Poland. He was of the view that Ukrainian soldiers can handle the US-made military equipment without any additional training. American General ruled out the possibility of deployment of the American military to the level it had maintained its presence during the cold war.
The Russia-Ukraine conflict is worsening every passing day, while the Russia- western rivalry is also on the rise on the issue of Ukraine. The western allies and NATO leaders had ruled out the possibility of NATO’s involvement in the Ukrainian war, however, they have announced military and economic support for Ukraine besides expression of readiness to host millions of Ukrainian refugees in their countries. There were reports that the US military is imparting training to Ukrainian troops and civilian volunteers in Poland which had been denied by the American General during his recent interaction with the media. According to reports, the United States and NATO had deployed their forces on the territories of East European NATO member states surrounding Russia including Poland, Romania, Georgia, Estonia, Macedonia, and others.
Currently, the deteriorating situation in Ukraine is indicative of the fact that Russian Forces will ultimately gain control of the whole or most parts of the Ukrainian territory during the coming months, because of the absence of trained military and substantial military support. In fact, NATO and the west are more interested in defeating Russia instead of protecting Ukraine from Russian occupation. According to analysts, the west is preparing for a long-term guerilla war against Russia in Ukraine that can lead to a complete collapse of their eternal enemy, so it is fueling the war in Ukraine and preparing for the next round against Russia while keeping itself at an arm’s length from the conflict. Hence, time would decide the validity of this doctrine.