US criticism of Russian S-400 deal goes too far

ANKARA (AA): US criticisms of Turkey’s deal to buy a Russian S-400 missile defense system have gone too far, said the spokesman for Turkey’s ruling party on Monday. “The remarks have crossed the line,” Omer Celik, the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party spokesman, told reporters in the capital Ankara.

They have reached the “unreasonable” point of suggesting the US might cancel its deal to sell Turkey F-35 fighter jets, something unworthy of a NATO ally, added Celik. “Allies can solve issues by talking,” he said, adding that no one can threaten Turkey. US officials have suggested that Turkey should buy US Patriot missiles rather than the Russian system, arguing the S-400 is incompatible with NATO systems. But Turkish officials shot back that Turkey will not go back on its agreement with Russia, even if it were to also buy Patriots, and also complained that up to now its allies have been unwilling to sell it missile defense.