WhatsApp to add a couple of great new features soon

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WhatsApp stickers were a huge deal when they launched, but they’re getting a couple of new features to make them even better

When WhatsApp launched stickers there was a load of interest in these cute new additions to the popular Facebook-owned chat app. They gave users a new way to communicate and are slightly more flexible than Emoji.

However there was one slight problem – you had to download a whole pack, perhaps filled with irrelevant stickers that you didn’t want. But the company is changing that, allowing users to pick a single sticker, or a couple of favourites, do download instead.

To use the feature you’ll currently need the beta of WhatsApp. Don’t worry though, it should roll-out to everyone very soon.

When you are going through the stickers in WhatsApp you’ll be able to press and hold that sticker and add it into your favourites – with that done, you can then use the sticker in chats without getting the whole pack.

All we need now is a slightly more expanded sticker selection to keep people interested.

That’s not all for Stickers either. Before there was a need to use the standard Android keyboard to use the feature. However Whatsapp is also adding in support for third-party keyboards.

Previously only the standard Android keyboard would give you easy access to stickers on an easy-to-find button. On devices like Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro, which uses Swiftkey, the sticker button uses non-standard pictures instead of the official stickers.

It’s not clear which third-parties will adopt this though, with some perhaps prefering to stick to their own systems.

At the moment the only keyboard getting support for stickers is Gboard, which is admittedly a Google-owned keyboard. But there’s no reason that stickers won’t be added to other keyboards as well.

On iOS things work differently with keyboards and the sticker button is located in the text box. That means that you can use any third-party keyboard and still be able to add stickers to the chat.

Courtesy: (mirror.co.uk)