Where We Are Going Today: Reyhana – Authentic Indonesian Nusantara Cuisine

Ameera Abid

This restaurant in the Ritz Carlton offers mouthwatering, authentic Indonesian Nusantara Cuisine, which is a gastronomic journey into the heart of Asia.

There is a buffet every Thursday from 7 p.m. featuring classic dishes from Java, Padang, Bali and Sumatra including Nasi Goreng, Mie Ayam and Satay.

The food is made under the supervision of an expert Indonesian chef, and there is clearly a great deal of care taken with flavors and textures.

A welcome attraction is the chefs available to prepare dishes at live stations. For example, you can construct your flavor profile for Mie Goreng on the spot with wonderous results.

There is a wide variety of Indonesian desserts including coconut cakes, rice pudding and grass jelly cubes. There are other options from around the world such as macaroons, kunafa and much more.

The ambience is as magical as the food, with each table decorated with bamboo placemats, a leaf, and rocks to pay homage to the cuisine being served.

In addition, you can have your mojitos prepared and topped up at your table.

To enhance the mood even further, a saxophone player waltzes around customers playing some delightful music.

Overall it is a highly recommended experience if you have an appetite for Asian food with some room for experimentation.

Courtesy: arabnews