White House assures support for Afghanistan

Jalil Afridi

WASHINGTON DC: On one hand US President Joe Biden is accused of down playing the one year anniversary of US withdrawal from Afghanistan but his Press Secretary during press briefing assured that the US will continue to support Afghanistan in every humanitarian way possible.

Karine Pierre said that the US is the largest donor in humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and is working along the United Nations to help in every way possible. She also emphasized that the process to settle Afghans in America is being revised to make it more easier and comfortable for the Afghans. It is pertinent to mention here that US State Department is facing challenges in the vetting process of the Afghans who wish to settle in the US.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the administration is adopting a “new model” for Afghans traveling “directly to the communities where they will be moving” instead of having a stopover elsewhere in the country, which was required to get humanitarian parole.

“This is important to us. This has been a priority. And that’s how we’re going to make the process work a little bit better,” she said.

Former Centcom Chief, General McKenzie under whose leadership the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was made, during his interview with NPR said that he regretted that the US left Afghanistan and he believes that in coming days different terrorists organizations will be regrouping in Afghanistan.