Women forbidden to buy
SIM cards in Uruzgan

KABUL (TOLOnews): Sellers of mobile phone SIM cards in Uruzgan are forbidden from selling the cards to women.
Officials of the communication and information technology department in Uruzgan said that until the department creates a special SIM card sales section for women, nobody is allowed to sell SIM cards to women. “We told officials of the telecommunication companies to open an office with female workers so women can go there,” said Zainullah Faruqi, head of the communication and information technology department in Uruzgan.
Habiba and Alia came to a SIM card sales center in Tarin Kot, the center of Uruzgan, but they were not allowed to buy a SIM card.
“It has been two or three days that we came to the sim card sales center, but they refused to give us an answer about why they will not give us a SIM card,” said Habiba, a Tarin Kot resident. “My brother and father are not at home, and I am responsible for my family, there are so many families that are in the same situation,” said Alia, a Tarin Kot resident.
Meanwhile, residents and women in Uruzgan said this decision of the local authorities creates challenges, and they asked for solutions. “If female employees are assigned, they can easily access the SIM card,” said Abdulwali, a Uruzgan resident. “Most women are outside of their houses, they are at work and at university, and calls are the only way they can be in contact with their families,” said Mohammad Wali Samsor, a Uruzgan resident. Local officials said that with the cooperation of the telecommunication networks they are trying to create separate SIM card sales centers for women.