World must guarantee, ensure prolonged peace

KABUL (Khaama Press): In a Facebook post, Presidential Palace (Arg) said that President Ghani held a meeting with elders from various provinces in regards to unacceptable violence and bloodshed in the country.

President Ghani stressed that “international community” must guarantee by ensuring peace and end of war.

Any political decisions decision President Ghani makes will be based on the country’s constitution. President Ghani wants a just and prolonged peace in the country, the government has planned to shape an independent, democratic and united Afghanistan. Republic negotiators reported progress made in multilateral meetings over the past few days for the upcoming conference in Turkey.

The meetings have focused on the agenda of the conference in Istanbul, which is expected to significantly change the direction of the ongoing peace efforts in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, reports indicated that multilateral meetings on the upcoming Turkey summit are underway, the meetings are focused on the preparation of the agenda for the conference. The meeting is expected to bring a change to the ongoing peace efforts in Afghanistan.

According to TOLOnews, some agreements were made on the context and scope of the Istanbul summit, US, Republic, Taliban, UN, and Qatar negotiators indicated. This comes as senior political leaders, and government officials are busy reviewing over 25 peace proposals including President Ghani’s roadmap for peace.

This committee works under the High Council for National Reconciliation and is led by former vice president Mohammad Yunus Qanooni. The proposals were reportedly sent by political parties, and the 15 member committee is also reviewing views from 30 members of the council on the peace proposals, the key is to find a common ground for the peace process to continue and succeed, Tolonews reported.