World Tolerance Day

The world marked Global Tolerance Day Yesterday, while community leaders, academics, religious clerics, and scholars across the world debated on the importance of tolerance which has become an urgent and equally vital need of societies across the world. Apparently, intolerance had grown rapidly and multiple factors including lack of knowledge, smartphone addiction, religious bias, misuse of social media, unhindered dissemination of violent material over the internet, the introduction of violent games, and isolation are the major factors that instigate sentiments of intolerance and violent behavior in the youth around the globe.

Realistically, intolerance is a common problem in all societies across the world, all nations are battling the grave impact of intolerance whether it emerges out of religious or political bias, ethnic or racial differences or social inequality, or injustices. This menace had always weakened societies, undermined the system of the states, and caused multiple administrative and social issues.

Like the rest of the world, Pakistan is an old victim of intolerance and deserves tolerance, unity, and cohesion to make itself a strong and faithful nation. Presently, our society is deeply divided on a religious, sectarian, ethnic, linguistic, racial, political, and tribal basis, while opportunist leaders and clerics had always widened these differences to promote their creed instead of bridging the gap to promote unity among the masses.

Therefore, the political leadership must not lose this opportunity on this tolerance day and forge an inclusive political consensus to promote tolerance in their own interest and in the larger interest of the nation so no acts of hate or intolerance occur anymore in the future.